See our FAQ you’ll find useful information for your machine

What should I do if I want to do maintenance to the coffee machines?

We ask you to fill-in entirely the returned goods module and email it to or Wait for instructions before proceeding. Once we receive the machine, we will contact you for returning it to you.

Which is the ordinary maintenance that the final customer can make?

Use an empty capsule to clean the internal components of the coffee machines, wash regularly the removable components such as tank, and drip tray.

Is it possible for me to repair the coffee machine on my own?

We offer, throughout our technical department, free repairing courses addressed to our customers. The courses are held at our headquarters by appointment and at the end of the day, you will be receiving a certificate of participation.

Do you have spare parts for the coffee machines?

Sure, please find them as follows:

May I order only a coffee machine?

Yes, of course you can.

is it possible to personalize the Panafè coffee machines with my own logo?

Certainly. Our company offers the possibility of personalizing the front cover, boxes and instruction manuals with the customer’s LOGO.

What does the OEM service, stand for?

The “Original Equipment Manufacturer Agreement” (“OEM”) is a contract that our company as coffee machine producer, uses for creating coffee machines for personalized capsules (or the so-called “closed system”) based on specific technical data given by the coffee roaster or the vending company. The customer agrees in turn to buy them, to add his own brand and sell them through its own distribution network. Visit our web page for further information….. or email us to: or

Are there any promotions for me if I am already a Panafè® customer?

Our sales department has always something in store for you. Contact us by email at or for further information.

Do you have coffee machines for American market?

Yes, our coffee machine with low power consumption (550W) work either with voltage 220-230 v/50 Hz or with 110V/60 Hz voltage.

Can I find Panafè Coffee machines in the supermarkets?

No, our coffee machines were specially made for the coffee roster and vending market in order to guarantee the maximum reliability, long duration in time, quality and repairing support.