Technical Data:
• Power Supply: Europe 220-240V/50Hz / USA 120V/60 Hz
• Rated Power: Coffee 550W
EP4 Glow-wire, Vibration ULKA Pump
• Pump Power: 48W / Pump Pressure: 20 Bar
95°C MADE IN ITALY Temperature Thermostat
Stainless steel resistor
• ANODIZED anti-scale Heat-Exchanger
• Coffee Machine body in certified fire-retardant ABS
• Water Tank Capacity: 1.20 Lt
• Power Cord: Lenght 2.00 m
• Product Size: (LxWxH) mm 170x370x294 – Gift Box Size: (LxWxH) mm 215x425x365
• Pallet QTY: 50 pcs.

• PANAFE’ ® DECONTO System (Electronic Counter) that allows a credit/counting control and the block of the machine at the
end of the credit.

Available Colors:
• Silver

Product Description:
Espresso coffee machine for Ø36 mm standard CAPSULES, with a new modern design that makes it suitable for Home & OCS
• Mechanic model with Espresso Coffee selection
Energy-saving model
• Top loading capsule insertion door system
• Automatic ejection of the capsule
• Brass press-capsule, guarantees stable temperature & perfect brewing
• Removable double drip tray for short & long coffee selection
SOLUTION against SCALE problems, thanks to PANAFE’ ® patented ANODIZED heat-exchanger
• Removable water tank & drip tray
• Easy accessibility for cleaning & maintenance interventions


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Why does the coffee machine make the coffee watery and without cream?

If the coffee is watery, most probably the coffee machines is not provided with the “venturi” system, which helps improving the brewing. Please contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for purchasing the spare parts cod. PLD1069VK.

Why doesn’t the water come out from the brass capsule press?

If the brass capsule- press slides forward and there is no water coming out, the problem is due to the mushroom valve (article code CAPP114) that with the heat has taken the triangular form and doesn’t permit the water passage. Please contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for purchasing the spare parts.

Is it normal that some drops still fall in the cup once finished brewing?

Yes, it is normal; it is the system of the coffee machine.

how can I clean the coffee machine without disassembling it?

the cleaning of the coffee machines is done by emptying a used capsule, insert it in the coffee machine and brew a coffee. I this way the hot water will clean all the all the tubes and all internal elements of the coffee machine.