Technical data:
• Power Supply: Europe 220-240V/50Hz / USA 120V/60 Hz (On Demand)
• Rated Power: 550W
• EP4 Glow-wire, Vibration ULKA Pump 
• Pump Power: 48W / Pump Pressure: 20 Bar 
• 95°C MADE IN ITALY Temperature Thermostat 
• Stainless steel resistor
ANODIZED heat-exchanger
• Coffee Machine body in certified Fire-Retardant ABS 
• Water Tank Capacity: 600 ml
• Power Cord: Lenght 1,20 m
• Product size: (LxWxH) mm 140x337x269 – Size: (LxWxH) mm 200x405x346
• N.W.: 4.30 Kgs / G.G.: 5.50 Kg
• Pallet Qty: 60 pcs.
• Container Qty: 1084 pcs. (20’GP) / 2170 pcs. (40’GP) / On demand (40’HQ)

Product Description:

• Espresso Coffee machine for Ø36 mm standard plastic CAPSULES.
MODERN, ULTRA-COMPACT & ENERGY-SAVING Model, suitable for different locations: OCS, shops, homes, etc. thanks to its slim size & Design.
• Top loading capsule insertion door system & Semi-automatic ejection.
• The brass press-capsule guarantees stable temperature & perfect brewing.
SOLUTION against the SCALE problem, thanks to PANAFE’ ® patented ANODIZED heat-exchanger.
• Removable water tank & drip tray for different kind of cups.
• Easy accessibility for interventions, cleaning & maintenance.


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Can my customer use the coffee machine without APP also?

Yes, the coffee machine can be used also without the APP. The seller has the responsibility of charging the number of coffees in the machine by using his own APP.

Is it normal that the sliding drawer opens of some mm during the brewing?

Yes, it is normal; this fact is due to the expansion of the capsule, more precise to the grinding of the coffee that can be more or less fine grinding.

Is it possible to set the length of the short and long coffee and the temperature?

Yes, the procedure to follow in order to set the length of the coffee and the temperature may be found in the instruction manual. In case the procedure is not clear enough, please contact the technical assistance of Commerciale Adriatica srl.

The brass press-holder is blocked, how can I unblock it?

The reason, for which the press-holder is blocked, is the dirt that has arrived around it. In order to unlock it, is necessary to open the coffee machine until reaching the membrane of the heat exchanger. Once dissembled the coffee machine, clean the press-holder and the other dirty parts by using a metal brush. Replace the membrane before assembling the coffee machine.

how can I clean the coffee machine without disassembling it?

the cleaning of the coffee machines is done by emptying a used capsule, insert it in the coffee machine and brew a coffee. In this way, the hot water will clean all the tubes and internal elements of the coffee machine.