Technical Data:
• The pump stops once the credit is over.
• Red Led: to signal credit and SIM CARD messages (Swich on, flash, ten count)
• Green Led: operating state.
• Sound for credit and errors.
• Completely isolated as specific legislation, over-voltage protection.
• Maximum consumption 1W * Power Supply 230 VAC.
• Electronic CARD to manage the Deconto System
• Setting through PROGRAMMER and SIM CARDS

Panafè’s Deconto System safeguards OCS and domestic coffee machines business, managing the coffee credit
through sim cards and programming it with a portable programmer (languages: Italian, English, French, German,
The Deconto system can be installed on all pods/capsules coffee machines.
It offers a great advantage to all the managers who want to protect their business, granting a complete security of
distribution and avoiding accidental consumptions. Thanks to this system, it is possible to bind the machine,
preventing the use of pods/capsules different than those given by the vendor.
This Deconto System is easy to use: the installation is quick and simple.
The Deconto System offers different programs to set the sim cards, in order to satisfy all necessities. The SIM CARDS
have different functionalities: Reading data resetting credit, Recharging coffees, Activation with customer’s code,
Deactivation system. The credit/counting backwardm is memorized and trasferred to the machine by SIMS, which
are created with the managers’exclusive code and can be read or programmed by the special programmer protected
by password.
When the rechargeable SIM CARDS set the count of coffees, the machine makes as many coffees as set up
PANAFE’ coffee machines already available with deconto system included are: “NANO/dec”, “MY@CAPS/Dec”,
“TWIN-CUPS/Dec” for capsules; “MY@PODS/Dec” for paper pods.
• The Deconto kit to be installed includes: electronic boards, cables, fixing kit, specific front
covers for Panafè machines (CA-NANO and CA-COMO models) or a specific button for the CA-20 model.
SIM CARDS and PROGRAMMERS are supplied apart.
• The Deconto Kit has been studied for Panafè machines, but it can be installed on different machines already
existent on the business market.


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Why does the coffee machine continue making coffees if I have activated the DECONTO” SYSTEM?

The coffee machine continues making coffees because the first time that the DECONTO” SYSTEM is activated it charges 20 trial coffees. You can remove them by using the resetting SIM.

Why does the machine switch on but it does not make coffee?

The reasons may be the lack of coffees (red led flashing) or the disconnection of the wire between the two PCBs.

Do I have a limited number of coffee machines that I can control with one electronic counter?

No, with the electronic counter you can control an unlimited number of coffee machines.

Can I ask an electronic counter with the same code as the first one?

Yes, you can ask the twin of the previous one, or you can buy another one with a new code.

Can one of my competitors disable the “DECONTO” system from my coffee machines?

No, once the “DECONTO” system has been activated with your own personal code, it is not possible to unable it unless you create an enabling SIM with the same counter.