Technical Features:
• Heating Max Capacity: 100-250 ml. (CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR) / 150-350ml (CA-MTL-CLEAR-110V)
• Frothing Max Capacity: 170 ml.
• 3 Buttons with led = 3 functions (models CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR)
• 3 Temperature levels (models CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR / CA-MTL-CLEAR-110V)
• Heating element: flat heating disk
• Automatic shut-off function
• Milk foamers with: Non-stick coating inner bowl (models CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR)
Glass bowl(model CA-MTL-CLEAR-110V)
• Lid with anti-squeak function
• 2 spare mixers (milk blender / frother)
• Dishwasher safe bowls
• Power supply: 220V-240V/50-60 Hz (CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR) / Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz (CA-MTL-CLEAR-
• Rated Power: 600-650W (CA-MTL-BNC / CA-MTL-NR) / Rated Power: 500W (CA-MTL-CLEAR-110V)
• Product Size / CA-MTL-BNC: 122x174x182 mm. (LxWxH)
• Product Size / CA-MTL-NR: 125x150x170mm. (LxWxH)
• Product Size / CA-MTL-CLEAR-110V: 185x122x214 mm. (LxWxH)
• Weight: 1000 g.
• Cable length: 750 mm.

Linea Montalatte- Panafè

Product Description:
These milk foamers are the ideal product to obtain in a simple & quick way, wonderfully soft milk foam for
cappuccinos, milk cream, latte macchiato or cold drinks.
Made in a classic elegant design, they are the ideal complement for all coffee machines and at the same time, they
are an essential accessory for all lovers of trendy specialities.
Easy to use, with a single button, they prepare in few seconds cold or hot milk froth, hot cocktails with coffee
or milk, tea, herbal tea, vegetable broth, soups and more.
Compact, safe, energy efficient and easy to clean.
The milk creamers can:
• 1. Blend at cold and hot temperature
• 2. Froth at cold and hot temperature
• 3. Heat and blend at warm and hot temperature
• 4. Heat and froth the milk


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