Technical Data:
• Model CA-20-CC-M: Function Espresso Coffee (with solid brass Heat-Exchanger)
• Power Supply: Europe 220-240V/50Hz / USA 120V/60 Hz
• Rated Power: Coffee 550W
• EP5 Glow-wire, Vibration ULKA Pump
• Pump Power: 48W / Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
• 95°C MADE IN ITALY Temperature Thermostat
• Solid brass food-grade Heat-Exchanger Food-grade Heat-Exchanger.
• Coffee Machine body in certified fire-retardant ABS
• Water Tank Capacity: 1.30 Lt
• Power Cord: Lenght 2.00 m
• Product Size: (LxWxH) mm 260x340x370 – Box Size: (LxWxH) mm 330x392x408
• CA-20-CC-M: N.W. 9.40 Kgs / G.W. 11.30 Kgs
• Pallet Qty: 32 pcs.



•You can install the KIT PANAFE’® DECONTO System (Electronic Counter) that allows a credit/counting control and the block
of the machine at the end of the credit.

• Available Colors: Silver, Red

Product Description:
• Espresso coffee machine for universal ESE 44/38 mm PAPER PODS.
• Energy-saving model with control piston.
• Coffee machine particularly proper for home & OCS.
• Removable water tank & drip tray.
• Easy accessibility for interventions, cleaning & maintenance.


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why does the coffee machine lose water during brewing?

The coffee machine loses water because the O-ring (article code PL0020) of the pod press is worn out or broken. Please contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for purchasing the spare parts.

why does the water comes out from the filter holder? What can I do?

it is enough to tighten the screw situated in the internal part of the filter holder using a flat head screwdriver.

The brewing of the coffee is very fast. Is there any solution?

Yes, it is. You can replace the existing filter with another one that has less holes. Please contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for purchasing the spare parts

Can I clean the coffee machine without disassembling it?

Yes, you can. It is enough to close the lever and press the coffee switch, in the way the hot water will clean both the filter and the nozzle.