Caratteristiche Tecniche:

• Power Supply: Europe 220-240V/50Hz / USA 120V/60 Hz
• Rated Power: Coffee 550W / Steam 1000W
• EP5 Glow-wire, Vibration ULKA Pump
• Pump Power: 48W / Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
• With NTC probe, for an accurate temperature control.
• Aluminum Food-grade Heat-Exchanger
• U-boiler for the STEAM
• Coffee Machine body in certified fire-retardant ABS
• Water Tank Capacity: 850 ml
• Power Cord: Lenght 2.00 m
• Product Size: (LxWxH) mm 200x315x340 – Box Size: (LxWxH) mm 242x376x405
• Pallet Qty: 40 pcs.

• Steam: to prepare excellent cappuccinos or hot drinks like tea and herbal tea;
• PANAFE’ ®DECONTO System (Electronic Counter) that allows a credit/counting control and the block of the machine at the
end of the credit


Available Colors:
• MY@PODS: Silver, Red, Black
• MY@PODS/V: Red, Black
• MY@PODS/Dec: Red, Black

Product Description:
• Espresso coffee machine for universal ESE 44/38 mm PAPER PODS.
• ELECTRONIC Model with short/long coffee selections & temperature setting.
• ULTRA-COMPACT, energy-saving model.
• Height-adjustable drip tray for cups of different sizes.
• In the model with STEAM, the heat exchanger (for coffee) & the U-boiler (for steam) are completely independent and not
able to work simultaneously: one brewing suspends and excludes the other one.Removable water tank & drip tray.
• Easy accessibility for interventions, cleaning & maintenance.


Macchina File
MY@PODS base Scheda Tecnica
MY@PODS base Lista Ricambi
MY@PODS base Esploso Ricambi
MY@PODS deconto Lista Ricambi
MY@PODS deconto Esploso Ricambi
MY@PODS Vapore Lista Ricambi
MY@PODS Vapore Esploso Ricambi
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why does the coffee machine lose water during brewing?

The coffee machine loses water because the O-ring (article code PL0020) of the pod press is worn out or broken. Please contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for purchasing the spare parts.

Why does not the lever close properly and does not press the paper pod?

The reason may be that the rotary axis of the paper pod holder has shifted (moved) laterally. Dissemble the coffee machine, center the holder and block it with some clips that you should order to Commerciale Adriatica srl.

Is it possible to set the length of the short and long coffee and the temperature?

Yes, the procedure to follow for setting the length of the coffee and the temperature may be found in the instruction manual. In case the procedure is not clear enough, please contact the technical assistance of Commerciale Adriatica srl.

how can I clean the coffee machine without disassembling it?

Yes, you can. It is enough to close the lever and press the coffee switch, in this way the hot water will clean both the filter and the nozzle.

is it possible to change the color of the coffee machine?

Yes, you can. You may order the lateral panels of different colors and you can change the look of your MY@Pods. Contact Commerciale Adriatica srl for further information.