The internal Panafè technical assistance department is young and continually up-to-date. Panafè specialists always remain at the customers’ disposal in case of need and request and they offer a constant and direct support for improving efficacy and increasing remote assistance.

Thanks to the innovative and modern Vertical Warehouse, the technicians easily find all the spare parts that create the machines, offering a fast and accurate after-sale service.

Training courses thought for all the clients that have a range of Panafè coffee machines are a surplus value: they are composed by a theoretical and a practical part, and they are organized by qualified  technicians, who show and explain how each coffee machine is made of, and how to repair the extended range of Panafè coffee machines.

Lessons are personalized according to customer’s needs and Panafè always gives a certification that attests the attendance.

Arranging an appointment, by email or phone, all the clients can became technicians, improving their Vending and OCS business of Panafè Coffee Machines.