Commerciale Adriatica s.r.l. was born by Enrico Paolo Costa’s desire and initiative.

He began his business in the ventilation and heating sectors and, after years of national and international experiences that enabled him to better understand the business world, he moved his enthusiasm to new fields.

Deciding to give to Commerciale Adriatica new modern and innovative marks, he founded two new different Brands: the first deals with the domestic water treatment, Panice; the second concerns the production of Espresso coffee machines for domestic and semi-professional use, Panafè.

More and more motivated by his customers, who are constantly looking not only for high-quality products but also for fast and reliable answers, Mr. Costa decided to open his own factory for coffee machines in China (the NINGBO YUYI ELECTRICAL HOME APPLICANCE Co. Ltd) which directly purchases the majority of components from Italy.

In this way, Panafè developed introducing on the market new and modern models, designed in Italy by the Panafè team, which – combining knowledge and market researches –  refined the realization of machines dedicated to the coffee roasting, Vending and OCS areas.